Clitoral Complex Orgasms

Another way for women to explore and experience their awesome orgasmic capacity – Clitoral Complex Orgasm(s). Beyond the delicious Clitoral Glans orgasm described yesterday, be sure to explore the whole landscape of the clitoris. There is as much erectile tissue in a vulva as in a penis, but most of it is hidden beneath the […]..Read More

11 Ways Women can Orgasm - Part One

Women have the capacity for multiple varieties of profound ecstasy. This capacity is a physiological fact! Celebrating, honoring and empowering women’s erotic bliss is a vital part of our journey to wholeness – as individuals and as a world. So I am going to write about 11 kinds of orgasm – and how exactly to […]..Read More

Use your voice

Here’s a great video from the fine folks at Pleasure Mechanics on learning use your voice during sex. Sound is a way to communicate, guide your partner and ask for more. Sound also is a vibration that activates and enhances the pleasure. More

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