The first movie below is a general introduction to the topic of infant circumcision and to this free online program for healing. Scroll down to access three videos on scar-tissue work. Procedures for manual foreskin restoration are shown in the fifth and final video.

Warning: these videos describe aspects of a violent procedure that many infant boys are subjected to, and discuss implications for adults and for society. They may raise conscious awareness of pain and trauma that many of us hold unconsciously. Many adults who were circumcised as infants do not feel wounded, and they can simply and happily enjoy their genitals as they are. This is wonderful. For people who do want to heal physical and psychological wounds, recover sensitivity, or expand sexual sensation, there is help and hope in scar tissue work.

Healing Circumcision from Caffyn Jesse on Vimeo.

Healing Circumcision: Work with Scars

Three short films by somatic sex educators Caffyn Jesse and Beth Athena describe healing touch sessions that can be offered to circumcised people by a partner, friend, or somatic sex educator. The work is oriented to bringing more awareness to the scars of circumcision, while increasing sensitivity of nerve endings in the circumcised penis, and expanding the pleasure that is possible. Big emotions related to infant trauma can arise when doing work with scars. The primary benefit of these sessions comes through the loving attention, space for emotions, and healing intent that is used in touching the penis.

Part 1: Mapping the Scar

This video lesson shows people how to map the scarring that can occur through circumcision. The ring scar on the shaft, pigmentation difference, degrees of tightness, and damage to the glans, urinary meatus and frenulum are shown, plus skin bridges that can be created under or along the coronal ridge. The basic structure of a scar tissue session is shown, with nudity and genital touch.

Circumcision: Mapping the Scars from Caffyn Jesse on Vimeo.

Part 2: Basic Scar Tissue Session

In this short film we begin to describe some of our scar tissue techniques in more detail. Scar tissue can either become deadened or hypersensitive. Circumcised people can feel pain, acute sensitivity or numbness in areas scarred by circumcision. Scar tissue work is shown, including nudity and genital touch. This work can assist people in feeling more, physically and emotionally.  The treatment can be very pleasurable. It can also bring up feelings of great sadness.

Circumcision: Basic Scar Tissue Session from Caffyn Jesse on Vimeo.

Part 3: Scar Tissue Techniques

In part 3 of this free series, we focus on specific techniques for addressing circumcision scars developed by somatic sex educator Beth Athena. Scar tissue creates adhesions in the fascia. Visualizing the fascia while pulling on the scar, we create tension to release fascial adhesions. The penis can be worked differently when it is softer and when it is harder. A scar tissue session is shown, with nudity and genital touch. Over time, the penis can release adhesions carried at the fascial level, while nerve endings come alive. This work brings more mobility and sensitivity to the penis, plus awareness and healing to the soul.

Circumcision: Scar Tissue Techniques from Caffyn Jesse on Vimeo.

Manual Foreskin Restoration

Somatic sex educator Thomas Stout has studied and practiced advanced scar tissue remediation. He is a practitioner of Structural Integration as developed by Ida Rolf. He shows how he works with scar tissue on his own penis, actually changing the tissue structure and obtaining partial foreskin restoration. Thomas recommends not using oil for this work.

Circumcision: Foreskin Restoration from Caffyn Jesse on Vimeo.