Intimacy Educator Training

In an intimate 6-day intensive, this advanced program trains people to practice erotic massage, with friends or professionally, with a clear knowledge of techniques, benefits, complexities and precautions. It is an introduction to the principles and practices of Somatic Sex Education. It is a journey of reweaving sex and soul.Erotic Massage full cover.indd

Caffyn-Jesse-Somatic-Sex-EducationCaffyn notes, “Practiced with loving energy and sacred intent, erotic massage invites us to come fully into our bodies, and our capacity for joy. We can heal the shame and pain that so often surrounds and suffocates sexual expression.”

“With the encouragement of a skillful practitioner, we can learn to speak our truth and ask for what we want, while staying fully present to our body sensation.”

“And when we redeem our sexuality from shame and fear, we enter a matrix of body, mind, spirit and emotions. Transforming ourselves, we change the world.”

clitoris erectile tissue anatomy of arousalPeople take this course because they feel called to help others access the joy and power of erotic energy. To do so, they need a deep willingness to explore their own erotic identity. And they need to be prepared for the many complexities that can arise in erotic bodywork. The course covers Intake, Assessment, Empowering Enthusiastic Consent, Ethics of Practice, Sexual Healing, Erotic Energy Cultivation, Genital Anatomy and varieties of Sensual and Erotic Massage. Participants will gain a solid theoretical background in anatomy and techniques while exploring, at their own pace, the joys of ecstatic practice. This course can be taken as professional education, as a joyful journey of personal transformation and inspiration, for deepening relationship and intimacy, and for all of these reasons.

Participants learn about Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork. They learn about themselves, and have a chance to heal body memories and transform limiting beliefs. Tantric and Taoist systems of sexual cultivation, along with Orgasmic Yoga and Western sexology, are used to help access the life force of erotic energy. In an intensive on Salt Spring Island held in Caffyn’s beautiful waterfront studio, they learn to cultivate the joys of ecstatic embodiment, and how to pass it on.

Caffyn long shot Science Sex BodUniquely creative and at times emotionally intense ingredients are integrated with the bodywork. The workshop includes  exercises such as art-making, shadow-work, journaling and group process. These activities help participants confront obstacles to their own pleasure, and acknowledge unresolved fear, shame or sorrow that can block the way to  an empowered and joyful erotic life.

Caffyn offers the program to grounded, ethical, passionate, self-directed learners who feel a calling to this path. Caffyn’s original writings on erotic massage form the core teachings.

Preapproved for credit as an elective in the Somatic Sex Education Training. Students receive a copy of Caffyn’s book on Erotic Massage and also have free access to all of Caffyn’s video courses plus the huge library of online classes at the New School of Erotic Touch.

Group classes: $1175 CANADIAN. Next training:

October 1-6, 2017 FULL

November 5-10 FULL

April 16-20, 2018

Sept 17-22, 2018

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In October 2017 Caffyn will be assisted by Christiane Pelmas. Christiane Pelmas has been in the business of sitting with people – in circles, dyads, community groups and more – since 1984. She is a clinical social worker, psychotherapist and somatic sex educator.

Christiane’s endeavors come from a deep and unyielding desire to encounter and feed soul; the shy, voracious, genuine creature at the core of our being. Our nourished and courageous souls are what The World is most hungry for, and in desperate need of, right now. See more from Christiane at

In November 2017 Caffyn will be assisted by Sara Kammerzell.

Sara holds a masters degree in Counselling Psychology from McGill University and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practise, a certified Trauma Therapist, and a Couples counsellor specializing in Interpersonal Neurobiology. Moving beyond talk therapy, her clients receive an alchemy woven from her knowledge of the PSYCHE, expertise with TRAUMA, passion for COUPLES counselling, total commitment to SPIRITED unfolding, presenced teaching of TOUCH, Authentic MOVEMENT practise and NEURO-PHYSIOLOGICAL sovereignty. For more about Sara see

Course description from a participant in 2017:

“I am still echoing with the effect of the training.  Well, the echo will probably simply grow louder in my life…  Simply paradigm changing for me.  I am so deeply grateful for the week.  It awakened in me a new and ancient knowing of my own erotic freedom.  A wisdom waiting to blossom is opening like the springtime in me.   Bliss and satisfaction and an inspiration to share this with others.  Thank you for offering this profound work.  I am so deeply touched by the possibilities of awareness and well-being that it presents to the world!” MORE TESTIMONIALS


Cost of $1175 includes written and video learning materials. Additional studies, supervised practice and a special project leading to a “Certificate in Intimacy Education”: plus $600.

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