Hero’s Journey: Reclaiming Eros

Do you want to:herosjourney

  • Feel more at home in your body and with your desires
  • Feel more safety, excitement, and erotic well-being
  • learn how to evolve your nervous system through pleasure and play
  • explore your Core Erotic Theme, sexual archetypes and shadows
  • experience creative erotic ritual in a safe and sacred space

Dive deep into the magic. This weekend workshop combines creative art therapy with somatic sex education in a powerful exploration of how we can heal and transform our wounded sexuality and reclaim erotic pleasure.Phoenix-mythology

Through discussion, experiential exercises, visualization, and play, we will explore and reconnect to our core beings. By allowing ourselves to be playful in a safe space we can rediscover our authentic life force, our eros.

It is an introductory, clothes-on workshop for courageous erotic explorers.

Led by creative arts therapist Mehdi Dervish with Caffyn Jesse.

$395 Canadian

For more information contact Caffyn cj@erospirit.ca