A Joyful Erotic Life for Lesbians

I help lesbians who are shut down sexually come alive and experience bliss.Caffyn-Jesse-massage-1

I help lesbian couples reignite passion and overcome obstacles to erotic joy.

I help transgender people experience their juiciness and learn what pleases them sexually.

I help queer women who have experienced sexual abuse find their wholeness as erotic beings.

I help bi-curious women investigate their sexuality in a safe and wholesome way.

I help spiritual seekers explore the intersection of sex and spirit through the lens of queer culture.

I help those who are dissatisfied with ordinary sex master the extraordinary.

I help disabled lesbians discover how to be fully and freely sexual.

I help older lesbians contend with the effects of aging on their sexuality.

I help queer women with “inconvenient” and “disturbing” desires use their sexual energy for healing and wholeness.

When sex is painful because of a physical condition, I can help.

Big Draw Caffyn JesseMany lesbians and queer women feel wounded sexually – by trauma, stigma, heartbreak, unmet needs or unshared secrets. Something inside us yearns for healing and wholeness. There are therapists and self-help strategies. But the problem is, sexual healing doesn’t come from the mind. Sexual healing happens in the soul and the body. Sexual healing comes from experiencing love and acceptance physically, viscerally, and with the heart.

I am a somatic sex educator and a queer woman. I offer body-based learning, including sensual and sexual bodywork sessions, in which my students can discover their capacity for joy 5th-C-BC-Two-Women-Greeceat their own pace. As they open to their deepest pleasures, there is space to process shame, fear, and grief if it arises. Playful exercises empower choice and voice in erotic exchanges.

My students say they are astonished at the pleasure they are capable of, and they are thrilled at how easy it becomes. I have seen relationships saved, orgasmic states savoured, shame released, and people opening to new dimensions of ecstatic experience, making sex profound and sacred.

Queer Sacred Sex Principles