Pelvic Pain Clinic

The Pelvic Pain Clinic is a one-day workshop.  Caffyn Science Sex Bod long shot 2 We discuss pelvic pain and its physical and emotional components. Participants practice various techniques for addressing pelvic pain,  based on anatomy and neuroscience. You will learn essential information for communicating about pelvic pain to medical practitioners and partners. A workbook of resources is included. Caffyn also teaches a healing pelvic and genital massage, and those who wish to do so will have the optional opportunity to experience supervised practice with a partner or friend.

Nearly three out of four women have painful sex at some time during their lives, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. For men painful sex has been subject to significantly less research, but through my years as a practitioner I have come to believeBig Draw that a significant percentage of men suffer from pain with erection, intercourse or orgasm. Many transgender and gender-variant people also suffer from painful sex. Genital numbness is not the opposite of pain, but an associated problem. People sometimes respond to chronic pain or tension in the genital region by shutting down and going numb.

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