Queer Embodiment

Shapeshifting, Pleasure and Wildness

Do you want to:

  • cultivate queer pleasures in ways that are grounded in innate impulse and empowered boundary awareness?
  • explore the magics of queer ancestors through time and space
  • remember our power to create new forms of relationship, transforming cultures that confine us

We can!  Historic oppressions and daily microaggressions are embodied in our autonomic nervous system function, and even in gene expression. With body-based exercises and experiences, we can learn to unwind oppressions from our cells. As we disentangle compulsions and entitlements and playfully explore our intersections, we can co-create possibilities for shapeshifting and wildness. We can forge new connections with the natural wecosex treesorld, and learn to make magic with flesh.

This intimate residential intensive supports diverse queer-identified people in joyful exploration – through creative arts, movement, ecosexuality, play, writing our own queer theory, sexual energy cultivation, and erotic massage. The 5-day learning adventure will be followed by an opportunity to attend and participate in Salt Spring Pride. Six nights accommodation on Salt Spring Island are included in course costs. Co-facilitated by Dr. Liam “captain” Snowdon and Caffyn Jesse.

You will learn to:

  • Cultivate queer sexual energy to transform personal and social relationships
  • Have embodiment tools for use alone and with others to invite new ways of acting, feeling, relating and knowing.p15d IMG_0804
  • Have a sense of queer ancestors, companions and guides
  • Make a personal contribution to the theory and practice of queer meanings
  • Identify / recognize ways we embody oppressions
    • Feel more empowered and joyful in reciprocal “gifting” relationship with others and the earth

To learn more, contact Caffyn by email