Certificate in Intimacy Education

This unique training prepares people to offer erotic massage, either to friends or professionally, with knowledge of techniques, benefits, complexities, and precautions.  You will learn about Intake, Assessment, Boundaries, Safety, and the Ethics of Practice. The program covers Sexual Healing, ErotCaffyn-Jesse-Somatic-Sex-Educationic Energy Cultivation, Genital Anatomy and varieties of Sensual and Erotic Massage. You will receive an introduction to the principles and practices of Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork. You will learn about yourself, and have a chance to heal body memories and transform limiting beliefs. Tantric and Taoist systems of sexual cultivation, along with Western sexology, will be used to help us access the life force of erotic energy. In a residential intensive on beautiful Salt Spring Island, you can cultivate the joys of ecstatic embodiment, and learn how to pass it on.

Caffyn offers the program to groundesomati2d, ethical, passionate, self-directed learners who feel a calling to this path. Caffyn’s original writings on erotic massage form the core teachings. See outline here: (Learn Erotic Massage). Students have free access to all of Caffyn’s video courses plus the huge library of online classes at the New School of Erotic Touch.

Group classes: $1075, offered throughout the year. Read about the upcoming class HERE. Cost includes written and video learning materials and up to 6 nights accommodation. Private classes: $1690.