Orgasmic Mastery for Men with 15 Days of Pleasure


Become an intensely passionate, desirable man by learning to feel more pleasure.

If you yearn to experience the power and pleasure of making love for hours, this multimedia program will show you how.

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Product Description

The related problems of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are extremely common and is suffered by most men at some point in their lives. It can lead to low self-esteem and relationship problems. Traditional treatments for premature ejaculation include desensitizing creams, distracting thoughts, pills that muffle sexual feeling, and techniques that block ejaculation. These treatments are not only ineffective – they actually cause harm, and lead to erectile dysfunction. There is a simple, effective way to end all the suffering and heartache. By training your body to enjoy more pleasure, you acquire Orgasmic Mastery. This learning takes only a few hours of conscious commitment. Once the basic principles are absorbed, new knowledge can unfold through the joyful practice of a lifetime.

World-renowned Somatic Sex Educator Caffyn Jesse teaches Orgasmic Mastery with this innovative online program. Her book is a gateway to a multimedia program including 6 original videos, a 15-minute audio file, and written exercises.

Somatic Sex Education offers a new way of understanding our bodies, our sexuality, and our erotic capacities. Weaving the scientific understanding of human sexuality together with spiritual practices of erotic energy cultivation, Orgasmic Mastery for Men could not be more fascinating or timely.


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