The methods that Caffyn

The methods that Caffyn is using to relieve the pain and discomfort of the adhesions of scar tissue are effective physically and, in my experience and process, emotionally freeing and deeply healing to my soul.

I possess a new and genuine confidence

I possess a new and genuine confidence that it is all about love and I’ve got lots of it! My relationship with every body is gentler, warmer, closer. I have more energy for every thing.

I felt beautiful and perfectly myself

I felt beautiful and perfectly myself. Relaxed and joyful. Happy. Loved. I took in your words and began to understand how spirit is love, and how genital stimulation can be an avenue through which love can flow.

– AZ

It was a big realization for me that I really DO know what my body, what I need, in any given moment…. Using my voice and connecting it to my awareness was really powerful for me. I feel like a lot integrity has been restored.

After our sessions

After our sessions I had this amazing feeling of connectedness with Life, like an energetic wall I’d put up between myself and Life had almost completely fallen away along with those fears I’d let go of – it was incredible to literally breathe Life in like this, through my body/skin, and to still feel I had my own energetic space.

– Joseph

Thank you so much for your soft, compassionate being, the space you held for me was so healing

Dear Caffyn, it is rare

Dear Caffyn, it is rare for a day or two to go by since, that I don’t think of you, invoke you and even mention you, your book and your extraordinary contribution to the realm of being human. Thank you for feeding my expanding map of aliveness and eroticism.

You bring such wisdom

You bring such wisdom with your loving kindness, that a safe and deep place is created in order to enhance and explore our inner worlds.