Reviews of Books and Videos

“The D-Spot is the most important teaching about female erectile tissue I have heard this century. If you don’t know the D-spot – your own or others – how can you be great lover or a great sex educator? Thanks, Caffyn for such clear teaching.” – Joseph Kramer
“Caffyn Jesse is one of the most profoundly gifted and learned Somatic Sex Educators of our time. Her vast terrain of knowledge from human physiology/ anatomy to neurology, is voluminous while she also takes great care to attend to, invite and help cultivate the soulful and spiritual experiences of her clients. This Erotic Massage full cover.inddbook is not only a marvelous volume for those in the field of somatic sex education and hands-on erotic and educational practice but it’s also a phenomenal resource for traditional body workers, traditional talk therapists and individuals and couples looking to increase their erotic intelligence and hands-on practices. I recommend this book highly and am profoundly grateful for Caffyn Jesse’s rigorous, compassionate and relentlessly ethical practice as a somatic sex educator and teacher.” Christiane Pelmas

“I want to thank you for the inspiration and for a life changing book! It held many keys to doors I didn’t even realized I had.” MJ

“Hi Caffyn, My beloved wife and I were looking online for material to guide our deepening into Tantra. There is precious little and it is difficult to seek it out from gratuitous soft porn. Your video clips showed us some new ways of slowing it all down, becoming more present and less ‘goal oriented’. Wow! the difference is amazing. Moving the sexual energy throughout the body has been a real eye opener for me (60 years old). Thank you for your clarity and insight. In practice.” DW

“Caffyn, Your teaching is on the cutting edge. The D-Spot is one of the best teachings I have ever seen about female erectile tissue. And I love your phrase ‘evolving the nervous system with touch.’ “-Joseph Kramer

“Just last night, once again, I recommended your book to a beautiful couple I’ve seen for a while now, who are needing and wanting to reverently harness the cathartic and healing powers of sex as she passes into her 60th year and he his 55th. To be able to recommend such a thing – a book beautifully written with love and intelligence – that invites people into their true nature, is rare in our field! Thank you Caffyn, for your pioneering life. I can’t speak of my gratitude and love in a way that conveys it accurately.” Christiane Pelmas

“This is a brilliant and clearly written book by one of the most experienced practitioners of Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education. Caffyn Jesse has produced an authoritative guide for anyone interested in practicing erotic massage. It is a must-read for all who want to awaken the potential for joy we have in our bodies.” – Pamela Madsen, author of Shameless, founder of Back to the Body Retreats for Women

Fabulous video — No one illuminates the science and poetry of sensual pleasure like you Caffyn!” SA