Advanced Training Testimonials

Here are some comments from students of the Somatic Sex Education Training and the Intimacy Educator Training:

“It really was an incredible week for me. Transformative and healing. It was a big challenge for me to reveal myself to a group of strangers especially in the state of sorrow that I’ve been in. But it was as you say on the edge where I found I learned a lot about myself, made meaningful connections, felt alive, grew my comfort zone, moved along in my process and met my intentions.

The group was wonderful. I really felt like we were co-warriors supporting and challenging one another. I felt witnessed, accepted, and seen and that I could contribute and help others. I found giving touch to be surprisingly moving and nourishing to my spirit. It felt meaningful and beautiful with a swell of unconditional love. It really is wonderful to be part of a little communityecstatic-dance that understands how powerful this work is.

I feel that the workshop has helped me face all the challenges of my current life as a more whole person, and with more strength and alignment with my truth.” (Intimacy Education student)

“I was first introduced to Sexological Bodywork by Caffyn in 2012. After taking her Intimacy Education program, It became clear that not only was this the healing I needed to do for myself, but potentially the gift I could bring to the world. The trainings I have participated in for Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education here in Canada have created a solid foundation for me to bring myself forward as a professional to support the erotic unfolding for self knowing, pleasure and healing in others. Caffyn and Captain are the perfect team to lead us as we carve out a path for this new profession. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as grace, humour, humility, and inspiration to the trainings. I am immensely grateful for everything I have learned with them, and honoured to have them as my teachers.”

“From start to finish, my sexological bodywork training was an extremely engaging, challenging and professionally and personally enriching experience.  I was amazed how all our meetings, assignments, exercises and learning environment integrated sensuality and an appreciation and awareness of breath, sensation, body and beauty.  Eros was consciously invited into every aspect of this training.  Captain and Caffyn are brilliant teachers and gifted practitioners – you couldn’t ask for more inspiring, knowledgeable and caring instructors. Over the years, I’ve completed several different professional certification and post-grad academic degrees, and I’ve never experience the high level of personal support and mentorship that I was offered in this sexological bodywork training.  I’m deeply grateful for the sense of community and friendship I discovered in my cohort of students and teachers.”

“The 2015 Somatic Sex Education training was a game-changer for me.  I’ve had the opportunity to develop layers to my existing professional practice.  Clarity, peace and a new approach to my personal life has also come about from this training.  So much learning and deep connection in a magical part of the world.  I look forward to returning for level two.”

“I went to the training planning to learn everything I could about the art and craft of sexological bodywork. What I gained in the twelve day intensive was a lot more than that. Soon after I arrived at the retreat I realized I had the chance of a life time to dive into a deep process of personal growth. I was taken care of in every way; with food thgroup circleat was (almost) better than sex, in a setting that is the envy of many, with a group of people that became my loving community. I grew emotionally, spiritually, and professionally, And, yes, I did come back with good practical bodywork skills.”

“Caffyn: magnificent, gentle, divine, gifted, wise, weird…”

Thank you Caffyn, So many beautiful moments came from my work with you the two different Intimacy Educator workshops I have done with you. I am in awe of what is possible. It has been so rewarding to co-create these sessions. How rewarding it must be for you to do this on a daily basis! Thanks for your guidance!”

“I feel like I’d want to participate in a Caffyn workshop every other week, they are soooo enlightening and wonderful!!!”

“The closed private safe space of the retreat, the routine, and the pleasure of the food, all helped to isolate and insulate us for a while to the ordinary world, and helped us sink in deeper into our erotic psyches.”

“I found the intensive went way beyond my expectations. I was there to learn more about the art and craft of the practice and I got an incredible opportunity to grow as a person.”

“I found the instructors all to be approachable, incredibly accommodating in terms of listening to peoples’ concerns. I really appreciate the humility that instructors exercised. I feel that I took a lot away from the training and it has really shifted my life personally.”group on beach

“I value the teachers, the community, the curriculum. I really valued the hands on and the whole intensive. I value the weaving of the level 2 students and the coaching with both them and the senior teachers. I really appreciate the instructors’ feedback and telling us what you see as our strengths and weaknesses to grow from.”

“Caffyn, you put your heart and soul into your presentations! And the way you present your vast knowledge and wisdom made it was easy to grasp and want more. Love your gentleness and understanding. Thank you for all the visuals! Thank you for getting back to me promptly all the times I contacted you.”

group on shore“For me you brought together an in-depth relative opportunity for going deeper into our work. The books and assignments aligned with my work. Also, I learned lots about me which I believe created a very rich experience.  The level II research project is a key component to this training. Self governed research can be super challenging, but there is so much potential for rich learning and growth to happen.”

“I’d like to extend a BIG thank you to Caffyn Jesse for providing my partner and me such a beautiful, enlightening & eye opening experience at her, “intimate 6-day residential intensive program that trains people to practice erotic massage, with friends or professionally, with a clear knowledge of techniques, benefits, complexities and precautions on Salt Spring Island.” Our amazing training was done privately, just the 3 of us & the accommodations she provided us were 1st class & we had all the bells & whistles of home which made it extra special. Every afternoon around lunch time & at the end of our days studies, a doe & her 2 fawns came to visit Caffyn’s pear tree & have lunch & frolick & play in her wonderful front yard. We would sit in the kitchen having lunch & enjoy watching nature at its best. During our 6 day visit to the island we ate at different restaurants & each meal was absolutely exquisite with fresh home grown vegetables right from the various chef’s gardens. I was introduced to fish & chips & samosas & now I am spoiled. The fresh halibut was divine & the batter was always light, fluffy & delicious. There is nothing more relaxing than spending time on Salt Spring Island. Nobody is in a rush, everyone is super friendly, there is always something to do, lots of local art galleries & there are no stoplights.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Caffyn personally & professionally & what led her to become a master at her craft. As a long time healing practitioner myself, I was led to experience sensations I had never allowed myself to experience. I learned about staying present during my massage time & not allowing myself to disassociate like many of us survivors of abuse do. I also learned about asking for my needs to be met & not just accepting what is being offered & so much more. I enjoyed receiving Caffyn’s gentle, safe, mindful guidance & knowledge. She was a joy to be around & someone I know I can call upon for guidance anytime. I look touchdanceforward to implementing what I learned & the various massage techniques into my own private practice here in Hampstead, NC. Today in fact I had an opportunity to share some of my new knowledge with a client I have been seeing for 4 years. I believe it was our best session & he agreed; so again I owe so much to Caffyn for making this possible.”

“Caffyn and Captain, I just want to say how impressed I was by the Level Two Program that you developed! This training allowed me to grow in amazing new ways I was not even expecting. I loved it! Ready to go deeper in my private practice and as a professional in my community, the additional skills, challenges and support you provided launched me forward into an even greater version of myself. I am grateful for your guidance and for the most fantastic venue that I could have imagined. Being so supported by the beauty of nature and the elements during the intensive was in itself a huge gift. I would recommend the Level 2 program for anyone who wants to evolve their skills and offerings as a Somatic Sex Educator.”