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Caffyn is a world-renowned sex and intimacy educator whose books, online programs and videos offer a unique blend of science, sex and soul. Encouraging neuroplastic change to support healing and expanded pleasure, unwinding sexual trauma, exploring the intersection of sex and spirit, honouring the gender galaxy, creating erotic community…. you can learn with Caffyn through the online Intimacy Educator training, or their course on Erotic Massage. Follow Caffyn on Facebook, enjoy the books, and dive into the cornucopia of resources available through this website and their online courses.

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Erotic Massage

A guide to touching bodies and souls

Sacred Intimacy

the art and science of Sacred Intimacy

Somatic Sex Education

Professional training and community-of-practice

"When we touch someone, we touch their entire history, their deepest wounds, their secret identity, their healing powers, and their most profound capacity for joy."

Caffyn Jesse

For accessible learning on the art and science of sacred intimacy, and the professional practice of somatic sex education, enjoy Caffyn’s many low-cost books and free videos. Erotic massage, pelvic pain, healing sexual trauma and fostering relational wellness are all explored, with exercises you can do at home, and careful attention to science and the soul.

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I am left speechless when i contemplate the life ​I've lived before this work, and the massive change ​and transformation I've found as a result of ​engaging with this paradigm of relationship with my ​self and other selves.
David Bristoe
Reading your book, Science for Sexual Happiness, I ​feel so much hope. For the first time, I have a ​resource to help me move from staying stuck in ​trauma to feeling joy. OMG, your book is such a ​guide, step by step.
Juanita Go​mez
Thank you again for your open-hearted and wise ​teaching…. I'm so glad I did the training, having ​come away with more knowledge than I thought ​possible, calmly resting in my bones as the days ​pass.
Beck Ja​ckson

Creating culture that empowers choice and voice means ​that we need to go beyond consent. It requires ​neuroplastic change. We can learn to live outside our ​habitual responses and well-practiced cultural scripts. In ​order to make new neural pathways, we need to feel safe ​enough, and excited enough, to get brave. We need to ​practice long enough to change our defaults.

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