Science for Sexual Happiness

This book shows how new scientific understandings of the brain and nervous system can guide us in creating expanded sexual happiness. With accessible theory, real-life stories, and over 100 evidence-based practices, you will learn to:

  • unwind the effects of trauma and neglect, and feel safer in your skin
  • use neuroplasticity to feel more pleasure
  • create a ‘sexual happiness feedback loop’ with your own neurochemistry
  • integrate body, mind, spirit and emotions
  • understand genital anatomy and sexual reflexes
  • rewire relationship patterns
  • cultivate and communicate desires
  • feel more excited arousal and relaxed enjoyment
  • explore the science of sex and spirit

“Caffyn Jesse is one of the most profoundly gifted and learned somatic sex educators of our time. Her terrain of knowledge from human physiology through neurology is vast. She explains the science, while taking great care to help cultivate soulful and spiritual experiences. This book is a marvelous volume for anyone who wants to increase their erotic intelligence, and to heal from shame, trauma and neglect. I recommend this book highly and am profoundly grateful for Caffyn Jesse’s rigorous, compassionate and relentlessly ethical practice as a somatic sex educator and teacher.” – Christiane Pelmas, somatic sex educator, psychotherapist, and Executive Director of ‘Global Culture for Women.’

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