Another way for women to explore and experience their awesome orgasmic capacity – Clitoral Complex Orgasm(s). Beyond the delicious Clitoral Glans orgasm described yesterday, be sure to explore the whole landscape of the clitoris. There is as much erectile tissue in a vulva as in a penis, but most of it is hidden beneath the skin. This erectile tissue gets engorged with the right stimulation in a relaxed environment. Blood flow to the genitals is constrained when a woman is feeling anxious or afraid.

Find the clitoral hood, the shaft, and the clitoral legs. Stroke the shaft through the hood. Roll the shaft back and forth, all the way up to the pubic bone. The clitoral shaft becomes erect, like a little penis, when the clitoral complex gets engorged. Feel deeply into the vulvar vestibule, along the sides of the bones of the pelvis, touching the legs of the clitoris, just under the bone.The vestibular bulbs may start to engorge during clitoral stimulation. These bulbs lie beneath a layer of muscles, behind the inner lips and the vulvar vestibule. Press into the tissue under her vestibule. Press into the flesh around her vagina and pull the membrane of the vestibule back and forth over her vestibular bulbs. Notice her vaginal opening. Is it getting narrower?

The perineal sponge lies inside the body between the vagina and the anus. This sponge is engorgeable tissue that helps to squeeze the vaginal opening tight when it is full of blood, along with the vestibular bulbs and the urethral sponge. The perineal sponge can be stimulated from the outside, through the perineum. Vibrate, press and release the perineum. The sponge can also be stimulated from inside both the vagina and the anus. (We must be careful never to touch the vagina with a finger that has touched the anus. Mixing anal and vaginal juices can result in a nasty bacterial infection.)

When and if the erectile tissue surrounding the vagina becomes engorged and puffy, vaginal penetration may become pleasurable. As the swollen tissue surrounding the vagina is stimulated, the whole clitoral complex can be engaged by internal penetration. If penetration happens before she is ready, none of this potential is tapped. (I will save writing about the urethral sponge and the G-Spot for another day)

Take enough time (an hour or more), and have enough knowledge, to engage the whole clitoral complex, then include the Clitoral Glans. Whenever she feels a sense of climax, encourage her to express and enjoy the orgasmic sensation, but don’t stop. Keep the stimulation going. More and more pleasure is possible. Instead of thinking “relief of tension” as with the Clitoral Glans orgasm described yesterday, Clitoral Complex orgasms can feel more like opening, opening, opening…..