Ecstatic Practices

The Truing Mechanism of Ecstasy

Colonial western culture has taught us to distrust ecstasy. We are trained to hide and minimise our ecstasies, and to distrust, regulate, monetize and privatise them. We ascribe them to particular gurus, or  substances, or special lovers. We can reclaim ecstasy. It is part of our integrity. It can resource and support all our intimacies. Ecstatic Practises have been part of every ancient and indigenous human culture. They can be as simple and accessible as breathing more, masturbating longer, or eating less.

Life is a non-equilibrium system. We are reliably guided by our longing for even more and even better ecstasies, so long as we pay attention to our orgasms. In my upcoming book Ecstatic Aging, Conscious Dying I will explain more about the science of ecstasy and orgasm.

We share a neuroendocrine system with all eukaryotic life – all animals, plants and fungi, even the non-living humic compounds in the soil itself share this same neuroendocrine system. We are each and all molecularly resourced to feel courage enough to face our biggest challenges, to fight for what is right, and claim our dignity. We are molecularly resourced, to find peace and belonging in the face of impossible challenges, including our own death. This is the neurochemistry we work with as somatic sex educators, as medicine guides, and as queer folk who co-create counternormative belonging and dignity in transformative, trauma-informed activism.

by Caffyn Jesse