When sex hurts

As a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator trained in scar tissue remediation, I can provide tools for addressing physical conditions that inhibit sexual function. Vulvar and vaginal pain, chronic pelvic pain, pain in the penis, scar tissue and various prostate conditions can be effectively addressed by combining manual therapy with activities to process emotions. Office visits are supplemented by home treatment and exercises. Through a course of treatment, the body can learn to release tissue restrictions that prevent or inhibit sexual pleasure. These restrictions often have both physical and emotional components.

Sexological bodywork addresses tissue adhesions in the pelvis by feeling for the depth, shape, texture and extent of restriction, externally and then, with the guidance of the client, intervaginally and/or interanally. We evaluate the elasticity, distensibility and sensitivity of any scar or other restriction, and feel into its impact on surrounding tissues. We then apply castor oil and special strokes that encourage the tissue to release and realign. We work in partnership with our clients, helping them to go into a state of deep internal awareness. They feel into the restriction, and allow it to speak to them.