Dimensions of Intimacy: Intimacy with Ancestors and the Earth

September 27, 2019 – September 29, 2019 all-day
Salt Spring Island
Dimensions of Intimacy: Intimacy with Ancestors and the Earth @ Salt Spring Island

Dimensions of Intimacy: Intimacy with Ancestors and the Earth

Subtle Body Exploration and Amadlozi* Connection

with Mari Abraham

Friday September 27th @ 6pm – Sunday the 29th @ 2pm

Erospirit Studio, Salt Spring Island

$485 CAD (tuition includes meals, and the potential to stay overnight in the workshop space)

Mari Abraham integrates her shamanic work with the practice of Intimacy Education. In this unique workshop, she invites us to make nature and ancestors authentic and powerful resources in our healing and wholing.

Over an evening and two days, participants will:

  • Expand and explore subtle body nervous systems
  • Weave subtle body and physical nervous structures in to Earth embodied awareness
  • Develop multidimensional awareness though embodied experience
  • Connect with the Amadlozi* through ceremony
  • Expand and strengthen resources
  • Expand sensations of bliss including andbeyond the physical through safe, deep, authentic connection with their unique and the collective Amadlozi*
  • Bring health and healing to all their bodies (including opportunities to release subtle body traumas)]

*Amadlozi – Zulu. The closest English translation to this word is ‘Ancestors’. The Amadlozi include bloodline relatives of past life/present life/future life- not limited to Human genetics, All Beings and Spirits of: Nature, the Planets, the Cosmic Systems, Ascended Beings, Star Nations, Parallel Universes and all energies of all creations in all directions and dimensions throughout all times and spaces, beyond….

Ceremonies may include fire, water, mud/clay, plant medicine (non-hallucinogenic/non-purgative), drumming, dancing, masking…etc. This will depend on what the organic energy of our collective creates together!

Mari Abraham is a Sangoma – a traditional Zulu shamanic practitioner. Blending her academic, cultural and shamanic training, she is able to bridge spiritual viewpoints, knowledge and ancient wisdom in authentic and meaningful ways. As a practitioner of the old and new ways combined, it is important for her to remain dedicated to the power of Unconditional Love and the Source from which it comes.  Her role is to assist in the empowerment and embodiment of the potential for greatness in all Beings and promote a new global culture of peace and unconditional love.

For more information and to register: http://www.shamanicintuitivehealingarts.com/