Kiss the Earth; Feel the Earth Kissing Back

May 25, 2019 all-day
Salt Spring Island

With Greta Jane

Feel the Earth Kissing Back is an embodied awakening at the intersections of eco-sex and eco-phillosophy. Come from 2-4 pm on Saturday May 25th to explore with Greta Jane from Seattle at Caffyn Jesse’s Salt Spring Island studio. A series of four guided meditations, punctuated by songs, come together to form an invitational journey. Strengthen our connection to our larger Earthbody, opening to see the Earth not only as our mother and lover, we see and feel into the truth that we are intrinsic part of the wonder that surrounds us.
This workshop is part of a series called the Pleasure Practice
An Invitation to Open to the Healing Power of Pleasure.
Cultivating a solo practice in a community container.
Expanding our Understanding of Pleasure

The Practice

Simple and profound. Each workshop offers a specific invitation to engage with pleasure and allows 15 minutes for arriving, 15 minutes for setting group agreements and intentions, one hour of our special activity, and concluding with 30 minutes of savouring, mingling and snacking on something seasonal and delicious.

Why Pleasure?

We honor Pleasure as resistance to apathy. Where trauma restricts, Pleasure opens. Attuning to the self healing power of pleasure as our birthright. A space to revitalize, listen to and attend to our own needs and desires; a place of self discovery. Pleasure as the source of sacred sweetness.

Why solo?

Our Pleasure is our own. Pleasure is an experience we cultivate from within.

Why together?

We practice in community to strengthen our sense of belonging, offer witness to each other and experience our interconnectedness in a brave, vulnerable and receptive space. We intend to create community that supports the unlearning of shame, dismantling of heteronorms and affirms queerness.

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