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Intimacy Educators work in many different ways. Some coach communication, some offer workshops, some do individual bodywork. They bring learnings from many different disciplines into their practices. All of the educators listed in this directory of practitioners have attended or assisted at Caffyn Jesse’s Intimacy Educator training or done Somatic Sex Educator training with Caffyn. Being listed here does not constitute an endorsement from Caffyn. People should be careful to choose an Intimacy Educator who suits their particular needs and who has the training and experience to match their issues.

Ailsa Keppie

‘Walking between worlds’ is a way I would describe both myself and my work with intimacy education. It has become a beautiful way to integrate all the parts of myself and to offer a sense of congruency to my clients that I haven’t experienced in any other modality so far. 

Combining an awareness of the body, a clarity of the mind and a softening of the heart, I work alongside clients in a collaborative exploration of who they really are. We discover together the joys and pleasures of truly inhabiting our physical body as it is, in the present moment. We get curious about the parts we have kept hidden, and we create relationship with those parts that have pain.

In the process of befriending the body, we find our way home. We also create the possibility for more fulfilling and intimate relationships with others, and more pleasure in all forms.

It is a journey I undertake with reverence with every client I work with. This ‘knowing’ of ourselves, is one of the greatest gifts of being human, and it is my honour and my calling to offer people an opportunity to experience it. 

More info can be found at my website


Caffyn Jesse welcomes people from around the world to workshops on encouraging neuroplastic change to support sexual healing and expanded pleasure, unwinding sexual trauma, exploring the intersection of sex and spirit, and creating erotic community. They teach the Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education professional trainings in Canada. Caffyn is a prolific author who has researched and written on the science of sexological bodywork, neurobiology and sexual healing, trauma, orgasm coaching and many other topics. Books include Science for Sexual Happiness, Erotic Massage for Healing and Pleasure and Pelvic Pain Clinic. Video programs (available free at their website) include Healing Circumcision: Work with Scars plus Learn Erotic Massage. See more at

Cassie Porter

Cassie is a somatic bodyworker, counselor, intimacy coach and juicy spirit located in Portland, Oregon.  Her own personal sexual healing journey led her to Caffyn and somatic sex education, where she has found deep nourishment of body and soul.  She believes that empowered, embodied pleasure is profoundly healing not only for individuals but for our culture as a whole. She is passionate about holding sacred space for people to connect more deeply with themselves, release shame, and experience greater possibility and pleasure.

She offers sex-positive, body-positive and inclusive coaching, education and bodywork that celebrate and integrate the whole person.  She joyfully works with diverse clients; she works with women, men, genderqueer and transgender people on their personal erotic and sexual healing journeys.  She works with individuals, couples and groups and welcomes people of all body types and ability levels.

You can learn more by visiting her website at

Christiane Pelmas

Christiane Pelmas has been in the business of sitting with people – in circles, dyads, community groups and more – since 1984. She is a clinical social worker, psychotherapist and somatic sex educator. Christiane’s endeavors come from a deep and unyielding desire to encounter and feed soul; the shy, voracious, genuine creature at the core of our being. Our nourished and courageous souls are what The World is most hungry for, and in desperate need of, right now. Christiane assisted Caffyn in the Intimacy Education training in 2017. See more from Christiane at


As more women fall in love with their juicy selves — magic happens.
When women feel fabulous — magic happens.
Do you yearn to access your wise, wild woman self?
My mission is to contribute to women’s holistic wellness and sexuality empowering radiant health and pleasure.
Get back in touch with your body and your spirit so that you can live an empowered life that is aligned with your soul’s desire.
Via Skype or in person, we will create a plan to open your heart and open into Juicy YOU!

Cosmo Meens

I began this journey looking to those around me or people I met asking questions about sexuality. More specifically about the shame I felt around my sexual orientation and feelings around certain desires I had and how to safely express them. I had lived for many years hiding parts of myself and had come to a place where I did not want to hide anymore.

This led me to Caffyn Jesse, an inspiring, quirky, honest and informed human. I decided to take a huge leap and enrol in her intimacy education program on Salt Spring Island with a friend and see what it was all about. I had honestly no idea what to expect. Wow! I left a different person. The first time someone asked me “how would you like to be touched?” I cried. Nearly 40 years old and I had never been asked that question in that way before. I had never had anyone offer to touch me exactly how I wanted for my pleasure and been in a container where I could receive it wholeheartedly, until then. On this trip I also met a man named Mehdi who has now become an important role model and mentor of mine.

After this trip I knew that I not only had found a part of myself that was missing I had also stumbled upon a new career I did not know I was looking for. I felt at home in this work. I found something that felt like a gift I needed to learn to offer to other people. So thats what I did. I enrolled in the Somatic Sex Educator Training program and have not looked back since.

I met my wife Caitlin K Roberts at the training and we now work individually and together on a number of projects as full time sex educators. Together we developed a company called Happy Touch Healing Inc. and have recently launched a booking platform App ( dedicated to connecting sex educators to clients throughout North America.

Caitlin, Mehdi and I are also launching The Apollo Project – an embodiment retreat for men to explore and redefine masculinity while receiving daily bodywork, outdoor activities, healing food and mens group discussions in the evening.

I now do one on one work with people of all genders in person and online coaching. I offer workshops with groups teaching basics in consent and happy touching practices. I work as a practitioner doing sensual retreats for woman around the world with a company called Back to the Body. I really love this work in all its forms for what it has brought to me in my healing journey and all those I have the privilege to work with.

Dee Larsen

Dee Larsen was the first Irish Certified Somatic Sex Educator and she is the founder of Body Conscious Ireland. Dee’s vision is to bring more sexual happiness to her home country. She runs her practice in the city of Belfast. Dee offers her clients a sense of ease and a nurturing space to reconnect with their bodies and pleasure. She writes, “I love holding space, supporting people, bodywork and having fun learning together, coastlines, nature and weaving our felt sense into community. I am so looking forward to meeting you all. I am passionate about the healing capacity of this essential work.” Dee assisted Caffyn in the Intimacy Education training in 2018. See her website at

Greta Jane

Greta Jane is a certified somatic intimacy educator, expressive artist and intuitive. Voice is at the center of her practice; helping people to access and articulate their inner knowing, cultivate the voice of their desires and engage the power of their creative and erotic voice. Utilizing breathwork, meditation, sound, ritual and embodiment practices she creates a container to locate oneself in the present moment, where one can listen to and be led by the wisdom of the body. Exploring the spectrum of sensation from grief to ecstasy and guided by the voice of divine pleasure that lives within us all, her work helps clients to shed shame, face fear and experience their own sensual unfolding with curiosity, compassion and deep self love. Based in Seattle, she offers private sessions and workshops for creative empowerment and erotic wellness.

Ian Faulkner Soutar

My name is Ian Faulkner Soutar. I have practiced “Harmonic Resonance Bodywork” for 30 years, 25 of those years in Victoria BC. Harmonic Resonance work is very helpful to restore balanced mobility after car accident and other injuries. Harmonic Resonance was created by me and is a blend of the work of the rocking therapy developed by Dr Milton Trager MD, Sufi healing and Medicine Buddha ritual. I am a Certified Trager Practioner, a Sufi Healing practioner, Medicine Buddha Ritual practioner, a Touch Healing therapist and a Certified Intimacy Educator.

In 2016 I added Intimacy Education as an option for Harmonic Resonance to provide sexual pleasure and healing for issues associated with trauma, disease, injury or aging.

I offer herbs, diet change, ritual, exercise, education, rocking Trager massage, Reiki, therapeutic intuitive massage, sensual massage, erotic massage and self pleasuring therapies. Adjustment of pharmaceutical treatments are often useful for mitigating aging sexuality issues in consultation with the family physician.

Intimacy Education is based on the work of Caffyn Jesse and Betty Martin. This work is offered in the spirit of love and respect for the client’s needs.


I’m James and I am based in San Diego, California.  I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Registered Yoga Teacher and trained Surrogate Partner.  I primarily teach students how to expand their sexual capacity and pleasure through peripheral practices involving breath, movement, sound, intention and touch.  I have seen the benefits of these practices in my own life and now I walk that path with students as they learn, grow and apply them to their lives.  Transformational change often results from this work.  I have found that these practices ultimately impact every area of our lives because sex is the foundation that our lives are built on.  I will meet you where you are and coach you along the path to your desired destination.

You may visit my website at:

Katie Spataro

Katie Spataro is a mother and doula who works across the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences including miscarriage, abortion, birth and postpartum. She holds the belief that our sexual health and reproductive choices are basic human rights. Katie is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, somatic sex educator and a Holistic Pelvic Care practitioner. Her practice, Sacred Womb Services utilizes ritual, touch, breath and movement to tap into the wisdom of the body to support our personal and collective healing. Katie assisted Caffyn in the Intimacy Education training in 2018. For more information see


I help people create new relationships and intimate connection with themselves.

As a Somatic Sex Educator I teach through body based exercises and experiences that are tailored to nurture, rouse and connect with the sensual, erotic self.

Sessions can include breath work, movement, boundary setting, consent, sensate focus, erotic trance, pelvic release bodywork, body awareness and massage.

This work is visceral, experiential learning. When we work with the body there is a direct link to what may want attention, releasing, reflection and the opportunity for self healing can occur.

You are your own healer, your body is a teacher. I facilitate, guide and support folks in discovering their own treasures and how to access that body wisdom.

Unique to the health profession, this work involves the entire body. It includes the sexual self in the process of wellness and embodiment.

Mari Abraham

Mari Abraham is a Sangoma – a traditional Zulu shamanic practitioner.

Blending her academic, cultural and shamanic training, she is able to bridge spiritual viewpoints, knowledge and ancient wisdom in authentic and meaningful ways.

As a practitioner of the old and new ways combined, it is important for her to remain dedicated to the power of Unconditional Love and the Source from which it comes.  Her role is to assist in the empowerment and embodiment of the potential for greatness in all Beings and promote a global culture of peace and unconditional love.

She offers shamanic embodiment training, healing sessions, a traditional reading of the bones, cleansing rituals and much more.

Michael Hall

Michael is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, bodyworker and yoga therapist. Michael has been guiding and supporting the healing and growth of others for several decades.  He is dedicated to helping people heal from past trauma and to discover and learn about themselves through somatic practices in order to live an authentic and productive life. See more at


Mindful Pleasure Practice

San Diego, CA
I’m Nic and I offer somatic sex education for gay, bi, straight men and persons in transition. Men have special issues and concerns, especially in terms of letting go–to not have to be in charge, to not be the ones in control, to not always be the givers. My practice specializes in offering men a safe space to explore vulnerability in sex, whatever that means for the client. I’m gentle, compassionate and understanding of men’s sexual questions, needs and desires. I have experience in pastoral counseling, the Body Electric School, Tantra 4Gay Men, the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology and the mentoring of Caffyn Jesse and the wonderful faculty of the Institute through the certificate program in Somatic Sex Education. Visit my website at:


Noaa (he/him) is a sober, trans*, sensual massage worker and Somatic Sex Education student who has assisted Caffyn at an Intimacy Educator training. He believes deeply in the healing powers of somatic practice and the power of a good full body squish. Noaa lives on the unceded Coast Salish territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, and səl̓ílwətaʔɬ peoples.  junipereyes @

Sara Kammerzell

Sara holds a masters degree in Counselling Psychology from McGill University and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practise, a certified Trauma Therapist, and a Couples counsellor specializing in Interpersonal Neurobiology. Moving beyond talk therapy, her clients receive an alchemy woven from her knowledge of the PSYCHE, expertise with TRAUMA, passion for COUPLES counselling, total commitment to SPIRITED unfolding, presenced teaching of TOUCH, Authentic MOVEMENT practise and NEURO-PHYSIOLOGICAL sovereignty. Sara assisted Caffyn in the Intimacy Education training in 2017. For more about Sara see


Sophia is the creator of SoulFoodSex, which supports the wellbeing of our sex, soul, body, and nature. She offers coaching and bodywork to individuals and couples in the realms of sex, relationship, and intimacy. Her private practice is based on Salt Spring Island, where she has mentored with Caffyn Jesse for the past 3 years. Along with offering practices from Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork, she is a Conscious Sensuality Practitioner, Intimacy Educator, and Tantra Yoga Teacher. She creates tailored sessions to supports individuals and couples in their sexual and sensual journeys, welcoming each person exactly where they are.
For groups, she offers and has co-facilitated weekend retreats and workshops on topics including Ecstatic Practice: Intro to Erotic Massage, Sexual Awakening, Jade Egg PlayShop, and EcoSexuality Pleasure Practice. Her passion is to create inclusive and safe enough spaces to explore, heal and thrive as sexual beings. She also loves to write and spend time outdoors.

To find out more visit,


For thirteen years, I have studied a variety of techniques with some of the best teachers in the world. The unifying thread is embodied belonging – a felt sense of being safe enough to thrive. This has taken me from yoga to Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, birth work, Somatic Sex Education, erotic massage, Vaginal Steaming Certification and postpartum support – all of which are woven together to create a vivid tapestry of care. I am deeply committed to healing ancestral and conditioned patterns of co-dependence, addiction, fear, and dissociation. I am here to support clients in healing their relationship to BEING HERE, in this body, on this planet, in relationships, through addressing trauma patterns around food, sex, and boundaries. I am here as a guide to the inner wilderness. All of you is welcome here. Yes, even that part.

Tricia Bowler and Michael Haines

Being Held Gatherings (regular, Raw and Fire) are Celebrations of Worthiness. Our core concepts of worthiness (or unworthiness) are held as much in our body neurology as they are in our brain neurology. And the only language our body neurology understands is touch. So we gather on a regular basis (all welcome) to create safe ways to lovingly hold each other — in a deeply meaningful, yet meaningless environment — to hold the parts of us that either never got held, or the parts of us we have trouble accepting and holding lovingly for ourselves. There is nothing to fix. The amazing thing is that touch can actually shift our brain neurology (our memories, our felt sense of who we are, our sense of worthiness). We use the Four Pillars of Safety, which encourage the mind, heart, body and soul to safely open, to ease our cultural stigmas about touch. Come and join us in circle, in our yurt at Sankta Amo (no charge, donations only), for regular inspiration and rejuvenation.