Intimacy Education


As teachers and learners of intimacy, we affirm erotic energy as life-force energy that brings healing and wholing to our lives and relationships. By cultivating loving erotic energy, we can connect deeply with ourselves, our partners, our communities and all of life. We also honour that personal and cultural woundedness around sex, gender and relationships can be profound. We work to unwind painful patterns of oppression and enduring.

We foster kindness, knowledge, empowerment and aliveness. We are committed to genuine intimacy for all people, and to evolving more intimate connection with our own souls, with other humans,and the planet.

Intimate relationships

Learn and practice safer, deeper and more intimate relationships with one another. How good can love get, when it is empowered by erotic knowledge, choice and voice, and loving connection with ancestors and the earth? When we touch people, we touch their deepest wounds, their healing powers, their entire history, their capacity for ecstasy. We are touching souls….

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Sacred Intimacy

Sacred Intimacy is a career and a calling. It is our job and vocation to cherish your bodysoul. We guide and companion you in expanding your capacity for love and bliss

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Erotic Community

We meet in a relational environment of loving kindness and deep listening. We welcome each person where they are, and support each other to learn and play in our personal neural learning zones. We celebrate diversity and co-create community. We are held by the land and the sea.

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