Intimacy Educator Training

In an intimate 6-day intensive, participants learn and practice body-based techniques for healing, pleasure and empowerment. They come to understand the many benefits, plus the precautions necessary, when integrating erotic massage into professional practice as an Intimacy Educator. When we touch, we touch people’s entire history, their deepest wounds, their secret identity, their healing powers and their most profound capacity for joy. Touch that is meant to offer pleasure can slip unwittingly into hurt and harm.

Caffyn Jesse teaches on the neurobiology of pleasure and the impact of trauma on the autonomic nervous system. There is a focus on empowering choice and voice, plus massage, genital anatomy, genital dearmouring, and exploring the intersection of sex and spirit.

Caffyn-Jesse-Somatic-Sex-EducationCaffyn notes, “Practiced with loving energy and sacred intent, erotic massage invites us to come fully into our bodies, and our capacity for joy. We can heal the shame and pain that so often surrounds and suffocates sexual expression.”

“With the encouragement of a skillful practitioner, we can learn to speak our truth and ask for what we want, while staying fully present to our body sensation.”

“And when we redeem our sexuality from shame and fear, we enter a matrix of body, mind, spirit and emotions. Transforming ourselves, we change the world.”

People take this course because they feel called to help others access the joy and power of erotic energy. To do so, they need a deep willingness to explore their own erotic identity. And they need to be prepared for the many complexities that can arise in erotic bodywork. This course can be taken as professional education, as a joyful journey of personal transformation and inspiration, for deepening relationship and intimacy, and for all of these reasons.

Participants learn about Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork. They learn about themselves, and have a chance to heal body memories and transform limiting beliefs. Tantric and Taoist systems of sexual cultivation, along with Orgasmic Yoga and Western sexology, are used to help access the life force of erotic energy. In an intensive on Salt Spring Island held in Caffyn’s beautiful waterfront studio, they learn to cultivate the joys of ecstatic embodiment, and how to pass it on.

Unique creative exercises are integrated with bodywork instruction and practice. Participants confront obstacles to their own pleasure, and acknowledge unresolved fear, shame or sorrow that can block the way to an empowered and joyful erotic life.

This program is for grounded, ethical, passionate, self-directed learners who feel a calling to this path.

The workshop is pre-approved for credit as an elective in the Somatic Sex Education Training.

Participants in these intimate workshops often bring a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. Some will be skilled practitioners who want to refresh and expand, and some will be people who are brand new to the field, but who feel a strong calling to it. It is recommended that participants have worked privately with a sexological bodyworker or somatic sex educator before attending. Students receive a copy of Caffyn’s book Intimacy Educator.

Upcoming workshop in Belfast is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2021, as we see what happens with the COVID-19 Pandemic. To learn more about the training in Belfast, contact Dee Larsen. 

The first day of the course is 4 pm to 9 pm and includes a light supper. The following days we meet from 9 am until 6 pm, with a 1-½ hour lunch. On the last day we finish at 5 pm.

No group workshops on Salt Spring Island are scheduled at this time. Caffyn plans to create a “training for trainers” for the Intimacy Education program as she passes these teachings on to graduates of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education. If you are interested in learning to teach this program, Contact Caffyn.


Course description from a participant:

“I am still echoing with the effect of the training. Well, the echo will probably simply grow louder in my life… Simply paradigm changing for me. I am so deeply grateful for the week. It awakened in me a new and ancient knowing of my own erotic freedom. A wisdom waiting to blossom is opening like the springtime in me. Bliss and satisfaction and an inspiration to share this with others. Thank you for offering this profound work. I am so deeply touched by the possibilities of awareness and well-being that it presents to the world!”

After completing the in-person training, some students choose to do a program of additional studies, supervised practice and a special project leading to a “Certificate in Intimacy Education.” This program involves one-one mentoring with Caffyn and costs an additional $600 Canadian.

When the course is presented in Belfast, Ireland, Caffyn will be hosted and assisted by Dee Larsen. Dee Larsen was the first Irish Certified Somatic Sex Educator and she is the founder of Body Conscious Ireland. Dee’s vision is to bring more sexual happiness to her home country. She runs her practice in the city of Belfast. Dee offers her clients a sense of ease and a nurturing space to reconnect with their bodies and pleasure. She writes, “I love holding space, supporting people, bodywork and having fun learning together, coastlines, nature and weaving our felt sense into community. I am so looking forward to meeting you all. I am passionate about the healing capacity of this essential work.” See her website at