Sex an1What is sexual energy? In this culture we experience sexual energy primarily through the paradigms of romance or appetite. There is another way of viewing and experiencing sexual energy that may be uncommon in this culture, but it was widely known and practiced in indigenous cultures around the world. Sexual energy can be experienced as transformative spirit, an aspect of the sacred, a way to dance in union with all that is. Sexual energy can be experienced in all that we do, and the world around us. It can be used for celebration and healing, planting and hunting. Sex can be a doorway to ecstatic experience – where the ecstatic means not only deeper pleasure, but also mystical experience, communion with the divine. Sex can be a form of prayer or ceremony.

With images from diverse cultures around the world, I begin by discussing what sexual energy is, and telling you some of my views of the intersection of sex and sprit. I talk about living in a turned-on body, and invite you to consider the breath and its gifts. I’ll discuss some of the very good reasons why people live detached from their body and its pleasures. I touch on Tantric and Taoist practices of sacred sexuality, and provide an opportunity to share body stories. After that, I look at the concept of Ecosexuality, and consider how in reclaiming our erotic joy, we heal our relationship with the earth.

This material can be presented in a 35-minute talk or an all-day workshop.

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