Bring your wisdom to share and your wounds to heal in this circle of women. “Women’s Temple” is a place to honour and cultivate the transformative power of erotic energy. In a small group of up to 9 women, we make a consensual, safe and sacred container, where we can learn how to explore the pleasure of our bodies, and free ourselves from whatever shame and fear have been burned into our flesh.

Women’s temples are sacred places for cultivating erotic energy, and learning to use it in ways that heal and sustain us. Many indigenous cultures celebrate sexuality as a spiritual force.

In this culture, one in three women reports a lack of sexual desire, 43 per cent are said to suffer from some form of “sexual dysfunction,” and one couple in five scarcely has sex at all. Other women, who feel powerfully sexual, are often shamed. Vaginas are medicalized and controlled via Big Pharma, while the mind-heart-body-spirit connection is all but lost.

We nurture our deepest wisdom when we connect with our erotic capacities in sacred space. These Women’s Temples present an opportunity to meet with other women in a safe space with sacred intent, where we can each bring our experience, wisdom, courage and willingness to support each other in becoming fully erotic beings, capable of loving ourselves and feeling our connection with all life.

Massage-picThe principles of respect, support, choice and confidentiality are honored at all times. Each woman will be invited – but not expected – to experience the pleasure of giving and receiving nurturing, sensuous and erotic touch for the whole body. We will learn from each other and receive tools to enrich, enliven and invigorate each day of our lives. We will explore the potential of full-body massage to offer a shamanic journey that can heal disconnects between body, mind, spirit and emotions.

All choices are honored and celebrated – to touch, to refrain from touch, to be powerfully sexual, to withdraw from the erotic. All ways of being women are honored and celebrated, including queer, straight, butch, femme, gender-fluid and trans.

Irregular gatherings are on Saturdays, 2:30 to 8:30 pm, followed by supper and sleepover, for a small group, by donation. (Base cost is $30 for Salt Spring Island women, $55 for those sleeping over. Please give more if you can, less if you can’t.) Please apply in writing to Caffyn if you wish to attend. All self-defined women of all sexual orientations are welcome to apply. Guest accommodation is available for people from off-island.

Email Caffyn: cj@erospirit.ca to discuss. When your registration has been approved, please secure your space with a donation made here: